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Therapy the Game - Board Game
The Best Family Board Game for Adults

It's the most fun you'll ever have in Therapy!

  • It has created many wonderful, funny memories and started some interesting conversations.

    Catherine (Amazon)
  • I love playing this game with friends. Some of the group therapy subjects are a little risqué, but very funny!!

    Carrie (Amazon)
  • One of the best games I have ever played. You learn a lot about people. Most of my friends want to know where I bought the game.

    Jo-Ann (Amazon)

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How well do you know yourself?

In Therapy the Game, board game, you move through the six stages of life answering fascinating and fun questions about everyday life. You go into Group Therapy with other players and find out surprising things about them, and yourself. You guess what most people see in Therapy ThinkBlots. You get to be the therapist, and the patient. Be the first player to get one peg from each stage of life- filling up your therapy couch – and you win!

How well do you know your friends?

Therapy the Game is a unique gift for therapists, psychologists, social workers, students, friends and family! The object of Therapy is to be the first player to get one peg from each of the 6 Stages of Life and then reach the finish space. As you move your therapist’s couch from Infancy to Seniority and stages between, you answer Insight questions drawn from actual psychological research (footnotes included). Along the way you’ll land in your opponent’s therapy offices, and they’ll land in yours. This is where you’ll find out how well you know your friends and family, and how well they know you. You’ll also be challenged to analyze Thinkblot pictures and, (if your issues are severe enough) find a way out of Psychosis!

Therapy the Game is the best family board game for adults, selling over 2,000,000 worldwide.

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“Top Contender.”

“Excellent…lighthearted and educational. A best buy.”

“Delightful, smart, and satirical.”

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