Game History

Therapy was invented in the late 80s by a psychiatrist, a journalist, and a psychologist. Over the past twenty years it has sold over 2 million copies around the world, and has been translated into several languages, including French, Spanish German and Dutch.

For 3-6 Players or Teams, ages 13+

The object of Therapy is to be the first player to get one peg from each of the 6 Stages of Life and then reach the finish space. Each player gets their own therapist's office and couch!

• Game Board
• 360 Stages of Life Cards
• 90 Therapy Cards
• 30 ThinkBlots Cards
• Thinkblots Booklet
• 6 Therapy-Couch Movers
• 36 Stages of Life pegs
• 2 game Dice
• Game Instructions

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Lights, Camera, Therapy!

An earlier version of Therapy spotted in Woody Allen’s Everybody Says I Love You
From left: Alan Alda, Goldie Hawn, Therapy, and Woody Allen


Despoinaboard game gift for co-workers